We Issue Certificates of Compliance in Polokwane

Why do I need an electrical compliance certificate?

  • The certificate proves that your electrical installation is safe and complies with the rules and regulations as set out in the South African Nation Standards 10142-1.
  • It is required by law
  • For insurance purposes. If your property suffers damage due to an electrical fault, your insurance company will expect you to produce a valid electrical certificate. Not being able to produce one may mean that your claim is rejected.
  • It is also required when you sell your home

How do I get an electrical compliance certificate?

  • The process begins with an inspection, the cost of which will vary from one electrical installation to the next due to the complexity of each individual installation.
  • Once the inspection is complete and we are satisfied that the electrical installation complies with the SANS we will issue the certificate straight away.
  • If there are repairs to be undertaken in order to bring the electrical installation into compliance with the SANS then we will offer you an estimated quote on that work.
  • Once you have accepted our quote and we have completed the repairs then we will issue the certificate.